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10 Questions: Genea Lardini

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10 Questions: Genea Lardini

While you might already be familiar with Lardini Man, let us introduce you to Lardini Woman. Not to be mistaken as the female counterpart of the Italian tailoring house, but as the modern iteration of woman, in all her fierceness. A sentiment that couldn’t ring truer for Genea Lardini, the namesake designer at the helm of Lardini Woman and daughter of founder and creative director, Luigi Lardini.

Ahead of the launch of Lardini Woman at Harrolds, we caught up with Genea Lardini to talk legacy, creativity and designing for the modern woman.

1. What is the origin story and inspiration around Lardini Woman?

I had just concluded my art and fashion studies at Central Saint Martins in London when my father offered me the opportunity to design the Lardini women’s collection.

I accepted on one condition, to make the woman independent from the man, not from the brand Lardini. Because customers perceived the woman as the shadow of the man. I wanted a true woman – classy, independent and with a strong personality. My father accepted.

2. What is your background?

I come from the art world and I dedicate my decorative soul to fashion. Indeed I still attend courses at Accademia di Brera in Milan. I enrolled a two year painting course where I can share my passion with people who speak the art language. I have already completed an art degree 10 years ago from the Accademia di Firenze before undertaking studies in fashion design in Milan and London.

3. How does Lardini Woman differ to Lardini Man?

The difference between man and woman arises from Adam and Eve and it touches past, present and future. Lardini Man is well represented with its diverse elegance in every occasion.

On the other hand, the elegance of Lardini Woman could be eccentric, energetic and chic in different ways to perfectly match her man. I do not want to represent a severe woman, because it is not the rigidity that makes her classy, it is a matter of attitude.

Customers perceived the woman as the shadow of the man. I wanted a true woman – classy, independent and with a strong personality.

4. How does Lardini Man inform or influence Lardini Woman?

Lardini Woman and Man have common interests and lifestyle, that is how the man influences the woman. Sometimes, sartorial masculine fabrics are reinterpreted in a more feminine way and masculine and oversized fits are designed for Lardini Woman.

Moreover, I never forget our know-how. I am following the deep research behind our outerwear, inserting elements which can donate more personality to a coat or a feminine jacket, for example the sticks.

5. What is your creative process is like?

I am really jealous of my creative process and it is not easy to explain something that comes from inside me.

Before, I used to work mostly by myself. Now, I choose a theme and I discuss it with the Lardini Man design team, then I start working on my collection. I collect any kind of images to create a collage, this is an important creative moment that I also undertake when I am creating my paintings. The collage becomes my guidelines in the choice of colours, fabrics, patterns, silhouettes and attitudes.


6. What words would you use to describe the “Lardini Woman”?

Lardini Woman is classy, eccentric, cultured, refined and independent. She is an art lover, as I am.

7. How important are ideas of sustainability and innovation to Lardini?

For me, sustainability and innovation are essential. As humans, we all have to contribute to make the world a better place. I am an animal lover and I respect both the planet and the living beings, that is why I always use the fake eco-friendly furs in my collections.

8. What inspired the Lardini Woman Spring Summer 2020 collection?

While the Lardini man was travelling, the woman was waiting for him in Cuba. The collection takes inspiration from Chico and Rita’s story (an animated film), taking place in Cuba in the ‘40s, during the revolution. A mix of sensual tight and oversize fits, exclusive patterns and bandanas giving rise to a cheerful but gloomy attitude.

9. What sort of fabrics make up the SS20 collection?

The fabrics and patterns are partly inspired by the Lardini men’s SS20 collection. Stretch wool and linen are the main fabrics but you will also find Prince of Wales check softened by satin, knitwear and broderie anglaise.

I also wanted to give a personal touch to the collection with exclusive patterns, such as the parrots and camouflage, painted by me and presented on a soft silk.

10. How do you see Australian and New Zealand women styling Lardini Woman?

I can see every ambitious and charming woman wearing Lardini Woman, and I believe different nationalities can give to the garments a diverse cultural charisma.

Lardini headquarters in Le Marche, Italy.

The Lardini Woman Spring Summer ’20 collection combines contemporary ideas of femininity with fine Italian craftsmanship and features understated designs in a soft natural colour palette.

Discover Lardini Woman in the Harrolds Melbourne flagship now.

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