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Song for the Mute unveils intrepid new 20.2 DJEBEL

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Song for the Mute unveils intrepid new 20.2 DJEBEL

Lifelong friends Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty are the creatives behind Song For The Mute – a brand grounded in experimentation, exceptional fabrics and storytelling through style. Their new release 20.2 Djebel is no exception to these rules, with the notion of narrative driving meaning behind each impassioned, primal piece.

In his formative years, Melvin worked in the Harrolds Sydney store, marking the beginning of the Harrolds and SFTM union.  After establishing his own label, Melvin continued work alongside the Harrolds family in exciting, new capacities. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome the new season collection into our wardrobe with open arms and a deep sense of pride.

The label exists to dress men and women in seasons as chapters, with every collection adding value and continuity to the last, like a book. Melvin and Lyna work intimately with the most trusted Japanese mills to craft impassioned designs with character.

Harrolds is welcoming the release of 20.2 Djebel with open arms and a voracious appetite for inspiration. Translating to ‘mountain’ in Arabic, the collection was dubbed ‘Djebel’ to pay homage to Creative Director Lyna Ty’s trip to her partner’s hometown of Ksar Hellal in the Tunisian Sahel region.

It was here, in 2018, that Song For The Mute’s prior chapter was conjured. The mountain was a source of ineffable, irrevocable, inimitable enchantment that drew Lyna back to Southern Tunisia in 2019. And upon her second visit, captivation was thankfully immediate again.

What followed was a deeper exploration of the physical, cultural and societal landscapes that had initially intrigued her in 2018. From deja vu, Djebel was born. Taking in vistas of beautifully rich textiles, hand woven with tonal yarns, charms of protection, genealogical trees, native lands and animals, Lyna translated her infatuation with the land into storytelling at the seam.

Intricately woven, tapestry-like textiles are playfully used throughout the collection, with a subdued, tonal, earth-like palette fusing the inspiration of austere desert regions with the warmth of its dwellers.

20.2 Dejebel Woven features panelled hats and tapestry-like tote bags in key seasonal fabrics, with Song for the Mute’s seasonal chain accessory re-imagined here as a braided rope chain of wood beads in raw oak, walnut, rich ink and bone-like tones. An expanded range of accessories is offered in this drop, debuting a range of 1970’s-leaning caps, explorer hats and two utilitarian shoulder bags.

20.2 Djebel can be shopped for man and woman now at Harrolds online and store.

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