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A Harrolds homage to Kenzo Takada

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A Harrolds homage to Kenzo Takada

It is with a heavy heart that the house of Harrolds issues an ode to the late Kenzo Takada of internationally-lauded and loved fashion institution, KENZO.

The recent passing of the eponymous founder is sombre news, but marks an important opportunity to look back on his long-standing brilliance, iconic spontaneity and daring design.

Mr. Takada has been an emblematic personality in the fashion industry

Kenzo, a native of Himeji, Japan, attended Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College as one of its first male students before making the move from Tokyo to Paris. He dazzled onlookers with inimitable flair, originality and a celebratory convergence of different cultures at the seam.

“For half a century, Mr. Takada has been an emblematic personality in the fashion industry – always infusing creativity and color into the world. Today, his optimism, zest for life and generosity continue to be pillars of our Maison. He will be greatly missed and always remembered. “ declared Sylvie Colin, CEO of the Maison.

Since founding the Parisian-based label in 1970 under the LVMH group, Kenzo Takada has made waves worldwide as an unbridled visionary who pioneered style without limits, conditions or borders.

He has left an indelible impression on the world of fashion, with an unwavering dedication of blending east-meets-west sensibilities, tantalising textiles and a one-of-a-kind creative spirit.

“Kenzo Takada has, from the 1970´s, infused into fashion a tone of poetic lightness and sweet freedom which inspired many designers after him. The House he had established, KENZO, still explores his vision, “ says Bernard Arnault, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, LVMH.

KENZO continues to prevail as one of the most iconic luxury French fashion houses in history. Tour the trailblazing prints, bold feelings and fearless designs now at Harrolds.

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