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Harrolds goes global

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Harrolds goes global

After a 35-year-strong tenure as Australia’s most esteemed luxury department destination, Harrolds is about to make its first foray into overseas wardrobes. A family affair, the Harrolds cadre is thrilled to announce its imminent digital launch into global markets. Soon, the heralded Harrolds name will become an internationally-renowned synonym for curated, family-run, dedicated luxury fashion.

For wherever the fashion fiend is getting dressed in the world

Whether shoppers are parading designer brands in Paris or donning garments in Dublin, the Harrolds house is preparing to embark on a new frontier of fashion, for wherever the fashion fiend is getting dressed in the world. What remains unwavering in this overseas oeuvre is Harrolds’ astute attention to detail, intimate connection with its brands and vested interest in the customer’s shopping experience.

Born from humble beginnings, the Harrolds family is proud to announce its bold move into faraway fashion destinations. Today, we catch up with Harrolds’ Managing Director Ross Poulakis on the Harrolds legacy, breaking new ground abroad and his vision for the family name in foreign fashion markets. Issue the memo to the stylish company you keep around the world: Harrolds is going global.

When did the notion of Harrolds going global come about? How long has this been in the pipeline? 

I’ve always been considering this business to go internationally. In my first year of University, I remember doing this one exercise on my own. It was a hypothetical proposal for the Harrolds board at the time, dubbed ‘Harrolds International’ and modelled around building the brand in Rodeo Drive. This was the pinnacle of luxury fashion at the time, back in 2007. So, it’s always been a goal to take this business internationally. What started as planning for a physical store evolved as technology did, and here we are with an opportunity to revolutionise the luxury shopping experience around the world, online.

What is your vision for Harrolds international? Why are you making this foray into overseas wardrobes? 

Our brand is highly sought after in international markets, with a lot of big department stores closely watching what brands we’re bringing into the Harrolds stable. We’ve got a lot of great admirers overseas, and rank in the top 30 of fashion global retailers in innovation. The recent launch of our ecommerce store has attracted visitors from US, Asia and London so far, and that’s just the beginning. Our care for the product, beautiful packaging, and the premium quality of the brands we curate are the hallmarks of the Harrolds experience.

For the first-time Harrolds shopper abroad, what are some of the most important/iconic things they should know about the brand and its legacy?

The most important thing for them to know is that Harrolds is a family affair. We’re not a conglomerate run by luxury fashion houses, we’re a family business from Australia. We have that real soul and personalisation at every touchpoint. Every client is part of the family and without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so we want to ensure that’s no different for our new overseas clients. There’s few retail businesses that do what we do around the world. After all, it’s about so much more to us than just selling clothes.

Your most nostalgic shopping moment or fashion experience abroad? 

I’m a very harsh critic, but I’d have to say the New York City Tom Ford store was a standout for me. I remember preparing for a fashion show and my wife’s strap broke on her shoe. We had to get it repaired and get some pants altered, too. Stepping into Tom Ford was the most amazing, inimitable experience. The team was so fantastic and accommodating, delivering unparalleled in-store service. And it all occurred naturally, without mentioning who I was or what I did. I just told them I loved the brand, and they treated us with such sophisticated manners, patience and care.

And so the legacy prevails. After 35 years of pioneering Australia’s iconic luxury retail scene, this is Harrolds’ intrepid new chapter. From New York, to London, to Paris, and all the glittering fashion capitals between, the Harrolds experience is now universal.

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