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SELECTED: The new online styling platform you should know about

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SELECTED: The new online styling platform you should know about

Q: What do you get when you combine two stylists, a year bereft of dressing up, a network of brilliant brands and some clever digital storytelling? A: SELECTED, Australia’s first-of-its-kind online styling mecca.

Helmed by style connoisseurs Elliot Garnaut and Jess Pecoraro, SELECTED exists to bring celebrity-status outfitting ideas to the fore of every modern woman’s work and play wardrobes.

The pair have honed their skills on the fashion circuit, engaging with myriad local and international brands synonymous with the current zeitgeist and enduring legacies. Now, they’re channelling this dressing savoir faire into a platform that women can access when a desire to dress up (but an uncertainty as to exactly how) hits.

Here, Elliot gives us an exclusive rundown on the just-launched fashion vault. And how it all came to fruition.

Australia’s first-of-its-kind online styling mecca

Give us the SELECTED elevator pitch.

SELECTED is a subscription based online styling platform taking the stress out of everyday dressing. We’ve created edits for all Australian women so that they never feel lost for what to wear ever again. This covers all facets of an Australian women’s life, from pregnancy dressing to trans-seasonal attire and plans for after-work date nights. It’s the whole gamut.

How did you two meet? And why did you choose to embark on this new venture as a duo?

Jess and I met through working across mutual clients AND having mutual friends. We sparked up a brilliant working relationship, sharing a sample here or an opinion there, and the next minute found ourselves on the phone daily. It was when our friendship reached this milestone that we decided to collaborate on a joint venture.

How long has this project been in the pipeline?

Conversations started about SELECTED as early as 12 months ago, but we didn’t know exactly what it was going to look like then. The idea was solidified in June 2020. Feels like a lifetime ago now!

Whose idea was SELECTED and how has it grown from thought to theatre? 

The idea to work with the Australian ‘everywoman’ was mutual. We knew we wanted to share everything we had learnt throughout our careers with all. Our services didn’t have to be limited to celebs on red carpets. It was actually Jess who came up with the concept of taking it to a platform. I was thinking small-fry, like doing consults on Zoom.

How do you work together as a team?

Our respective characters couldn’t be more different. I work across a lot of the backend of the business, collaborating with our creative teams as well as our developers, marketing and social. What you see in the edits is Jess. She is the fearless leader of the content itself. There wouldn’t be an outfit, a model or an edit without her.

What are each other’s strengths or niches in styling?

Jess is fun, feminine and fabulous. I am directional and very trend-focused. Between these ends of the spectrum, we feel we cover a lot of what is happening in the market right now.

Where can we find you two having coffee debriefs? 

In Sydney, we’re tucked away at Bills in Bondi or the Intercontinental Double Bay lobby.

And what about an after-work drink?

In Melbourne, we’re at Di Stasio in St Kilda or the Everleigh in Fitzroy.

We are creating SELECTED for every single Australian woman

Who are you creating SELECTED for? 

We are creating SELECTED for every single Australian woman. We want the fashion-focused female to be able to come to the platform, learn from our tips and tricks and apply this to their daily lives. If we can pass on our knowledge, then that is our job done.

Where will SELECTED be in a year’s time?

We’ve got big plans for the future, but we can’t reveal all of our secrets. What I can hope for is that we become THE platform that women feel they can come to for inclusive and genuine fashion advice. It’s a place that celebrates uniqueness and individuality at its core.

What pieces should feature in every modern woman’s work uniform right now?

A classic black blazer is my must for every discerning woman’s work wardrobe. To me, you cannot look past Tom Ford. A piece of Tom’s tailoring is truly timeless and will never date.

And her play uniform? 

A pair of Amina Muaddi pumps. They’re the shoe of the moment and will ensure you have heads turning both on and off the dance floor.

Sign up, scroll through and style with confidence via SELECTED, here.

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