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Haute Talk with Joseph Gardner, Style Editor of Vogue Living

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Haute Talk with Joseph Gardner, Style Editor of Vogue Living

There are certain people in the media multiverse that establish themselves as true stalwarts of style. While the writing and the creative discipline speaks for itself, it’s the personal brands and clever-operation that allows some of the best journalistic talents to establish a cult following of their very own, off the page.

Our Harrolds Haute Talk series taps into this circle of industry tastemakers, getting to the crux of what drives their style sensibilities for work and play, as well as checking in with the minutiae of their daily life.

Here, we steal a second with design, interiors and fashion savant Joseph Gardner. As the reigning Style Editor of Vogue Living and Creative Consultant, Joseph sees the world through a looking glass of sorts, filtering out the noise and fleeting trends to mine for pieces, people and projects of perennial elegance and elan.

Prepare to take note of the brands, books and life’s other balms that he’s been poring over lately.

Joseph sees the world through a looking glass of sorts

What are you wearing today?

Loungewear! I have the luxury of working from home every now and again so now that the weather is cooling down, I will stay in a cashmere tracksuit until it’s time to head out into the world.

Give us a rundown of the past week in your world. 

In the last week I have styled a new residential project for an Australian architecture firm, worked on a campaign shoot and organised furniture to be sent to a Vogue Australia cover shoot, while prepping for upcoming projects.

How are you approaching trans-seasonal dressing?

Adding socks to sandals and throwing on a light-weight coat or trench as the weather grows cooler.

In what ways have your dressing sensibilities changed since 2020 enforced loungewear renaissance?

I never thought I would leave the house in track pants and a trench coat but it happened.

What fashion designers are really exciting or challenging you right now?

Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta and Jil Sander (always).

And how about interiors?

Pierre Yovanovitch is a huge inspiration. I love how he merges the classic with the contemporary in an often-playful way. I also admire the work of Axel Vervoordt and Vincent Van Duysen, Vervoordt for his warm Wabi Sabi approach and Van Duysen for timeless minimalism.

What’s on the cards for work this year? Let us in on your plans.

Lots of exciting things planned but you will have to wait and see. There are some beautiful issues of Vogue Living ahead and I am finally getting around to some personal projects that will hopefully surface later this year.

Where (if anywhere) are you planning to travel to this year? Regional, interstate, wherever.

I’m planning to head to Tasmania for the Dark Mofo festival in June, which should be wild.

Book currently warming your nightstand? 

I’m revisiting ‘Arranging Things’ by Leonard Koren which my partner bought for me years ago. It’s out of print now but it’s a fascinating read, with illustrations by Nathalie Du Pasquier.

An underrated home styling tip you think we should know about?

Look at your wardrobe to inform the texture and palette of your interior. Chances are, if you feel good wearing it, you will feel good living in it.

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