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The Harrolds experience in fragrance form.

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The Harrolds experience in fragrance form.

Harrolds has created a tangible extension of its iconic luxury legacy: the ‘signature scent candle’.

Fragrance is so intrinsically connected to our sense of self and those we love, offering us a portal to distant memories and opportunity to create new ones in the places we carve out as our own. With Australians spending more time at home now than ever before, the Harrolds fragrance can imbue your sacred (online) shopping rituals with an added element of style and comfort. Soon, we can strike a match over its wick when lavish at-home entertaining and dress-ups resume, too.

Fragrance is so intrinsically connected to our sense of self and those we love

The inception of the candle can be traced back to one of our customer’s moving anecdote. She recounted her experience of unpacking luggage on arrival in Europe, with her Harrolds purchases still in store tissue paper and the scent of the store wafting from her suitcases. This emotive power is something Harrolds Director Mary Poulakis hoped to channel into our bespoke candle, in a bid to bring us together in times when we’re riven apart. Mary was captivated by the near-magic ability of ‘scent’ and its ability conjure up our dearest memories, transporting us in an instant to a time and place far from the present

“When we were opening the very first Harrolds woman store in Sydney 2015 – we wanted to create a scent that reflected the Harrolds woman – bold, sexy, confident, enduring – so I worked with some very talented people to combine the ingredients of two of my all-time favourite fragrances, Tom Ford Black Orchid and Amouage Journey,” says Mary.

Harrolds has been an impassioned journey for Mary’s family and every individual who has imparted their stories and experiences with them along the way.

“We started as a small niche menswear boutique and developed over 36 years into a globally recognised luxury department store for men and women – now that’s a journey with wonderful memories, connection and emotion”.

The candle is made out of 100% soy wax, which is natural wax derived from soybeans. Sustainable and superbly-crafted, the distinct jet-black glass vessel is an object of desire etched with a repeated motif of the Harrolds ‘H’. On the inside lies a zesty citrus bergamot wax, with subtle hints of Australian eucalyptus to honour home. These top notes are wrapped elegantly with flourishing Lily, Saffron and violet flowers, and then sophisticatedly rounded with leather and oudwood to channel the elegant labels in our wardrobe.

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