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Tom Ford’s sequin-studded NYFW runway was a disco delight

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Tom Ford’s sequin-studded NYFW runway was a disco delight

Another lap around the New York Fashion Week circuit stirred a flurry of brilliant street style, copious celebrity sightings, and sent shockwaves of inspiration and thought-provocation through the global fashion landscape. Reeling from a lack of ‘frow’ energy and immersive displays of art, we watched on with bated breath as each runway delivered ample lessons in creativity, innovation and a new vanguard of design.

On the eve of the ‘fashion Oscars’ (read: the Met Gala), Tom Ford took to the NYFW runway. It seemed exceptionally fitting, and no coincidence at all, with the theme of this year’s Met being a tribute to all things American fashion.

Tom Ford’s identity and persona is so intrinsically linked with New York

Tom Ford’s identity and persona is so intrinsically linked with New York, dating back to rendezvous at Studio 54, where the glitz was rife. This runway paid tribute to that jivey, riotous heyday, taking cues from the past while looking ahead to the future to analyse American sportswear through a new lens.

Tom Ford was a hedonistic tribute to the disco era, and perhaps one of our most relished shows of the week-long sartorial fete. Outfits sparkled on the runway in an outrageously opulent affair. Chunky, layered accessories atop sequinned, lurid separates marked the opening of the show.

We saw Gigi Hadid dazzle in cobalt shoes, a sequin-clad two-set and an oversized brown patina suit jacket, in a look that married retro glam with modern ease.

Later came the same high-voltage bedazzling, but with a gradual reduction of colour and transition to a more monochromatic palette. There were odes to the baggy trend revival of cargo pants, with a silky, supercharged slant.

Other ‘it’ shapes of the moment—like the corset—were commonplace, as well as bearing plenty of skin in ‘Tom Ford’ emblazoned bralettes. Plenty of structured blazers followed, with an emphasis on broad shapes and big, bold silhouettes.

Pearls and embellished chokers and slicked-back buns kept hair and face ever so elegant, with a beauty brief that embodied glamour without overpowering the already wild and wonderful clothes.

Could the sequin be making a triumphant return to summer dressing? We’ll let you decide.

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