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The past, present and future of made-to-measure at Harrolds

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The past, present and future of made-to-measure at Harrolds

As Australia’s most esteemed luxury retail fashion destination, Harrolds continues to curate an experience that is like no other. Through constant innovation and evolution of the in-store experience, a coveted vault of luxury fashion has been created over the past 35 years. Tailoring — the art of crafting bespoke and personalised garments fitting perfectly to their wearer — is at the cornerstone of Harrolds’ legacy.

Tailoring is at the cornerstone of Harrolds’ legacy

But over the last two years, the Harrolds team has noticed a changing attitude towards how tailoring should be styled, with what pieces, and the ever-evolving desire for the perfect garment. Today, we pose the question: How has bespoke tailoring transformed at Harrolds?

Enlisting the help of our National Made-to-Measure Promoter Joseph Kazakevitch, we are exploring the current trends and guiding aesthetics of bespoke tailoring. It appears changes in the way we live, work and play have granted outfits freedom from constraints and structure, as well as an eager embrace of diverse colours, textures, and styles.

Leaning into a more laissez-faire look.

“There has been a shift in made-to-measure with the traditional Su Misura customers looking to reinvent their wardrobes. Our customers are looking for more relaxed looks with an emphasis on pieces which can be easily adapted to a more formal situation when necessary,” explains Joseph.

“However, they are not prepared to give up the ceremony of selecting their own fabrics and styles and still enjoy the personalised experience that they become accustomed to over so many years. So, what has traditionally been an experience reserved for a true Sartorialist, is now being embraced by a broader range of our customers, regardless of whether they prefer the traditional or the more relaxed approach to dressing.”

Versatility is key.

On trends for 2022, Joseph says fewer trousers and more chinos, as well as fewer suits and more jackets are being requested. He is also noticing a favouring of knitwear over shirting. So, overall, it seems to be the makings of a capsule wardrobe that can seamlessly transition from work to after-hours, day to night and even season-to-season.

“We are using a fusion of tailoring and casual pieces to create 24-hour trans-seasonal looks which can take our clients from a boardroom into an alfresco dining setting. Made-to-measure is perfect for this, thanks to its limitless potential to combine less conventional colours, textures and silhouettes.”

The desire to create one-of-a-kind pieces remains as strong as before

Something that the new Harrolds client may not be aware of is that our made-to-measure experience extends beyond the realm of a classic suits. Even before Covid, tailoring was undergoing a deformalization on a global scale.

“We were already on the lookout for personalisation programs which would offer our customers the opportunity to create unique leisurewear options. Then, the working from home culture magnified the demand for casual wear, while the desire to create one-of-a-kind pieces remains as strong as before.”

Make room for made-to-order.

Building on the world of made-to-measure, Harrolds is proud to introduce an in-depth made-to-order into its portfolio. This includes all the luxurious fabrics of knitwear, leather, meticulously made outerwear, shoes, belts, plus large and small leather goods. It takes into consideration a fundamental desire to have something that is completely your own and made just for you, while enlisting the work of local and international artisans who want to create something truly outstanding.

A triumph for Thom Browne.

In men’s tailoring right now, Joseph has noticed a groundswell in one particular brand. “For me it’s the rise of Thom Browne,” he says.

“With strong roots in the atelier culture of New York, Thom was able to completely redefine men’s tailoring in a way that was both completely unpalatable by the traditional world of tailoring, and yet is now embraced and injected by the new generation of tailoring graduates into the sterility of the corporate world.

If you have never visited a Harrolds store, it’s important to note just how much emphasis we place on relationships with our customers. “Our entire philosophy is built on cultivating relationships with our clients. A made-to-measure appointment is the perfect way to grow our friendships. It gives us the chance to sit down with our customers over a cup of coffee and truly get to know them.

After all, in order to create a truly personalised wardrobe for someone, we must first genuinely understand who they are and what their life might look like day to day.”

Uncover the intimate and enduring world of made-to-measure at Harrolds. Book your first appointment today here.

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