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A Harrolds new arrivals forecast: Next-Gen dressing for WOMAN autumn-winter ‘22

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A Harrolds new arrivals forecast: Next-Gen dressing for WOMAN autumn-winter ‘22

After inviting you inside the mind of our contemporary menswear buyer Rob Ferris, we’re shifting focus to forecast the most exclusive, powerful and impeccably-detailed new arrivals for ‘woman’ this autum-winter at Harrolds.

Our exceptional Womenswear Buyer Roshali Kaul has observed the most significant seasonal trends and hallmarks of 2022 cool-climate dressing, to deliver Harrolds clients with a slate of new and long-loved brands alike.

From the quintessential, sharp tailoring of Tom Ford to the billowing, printed silhouettes of newcomer Rixo, we’re fusing the old with the new, the structured with the unstructured, and the after-dark with the everyday. Welcome to the world of power dressing, whatever that may mean for your bespoke wardrobe.

The hallmarks of 2022 cool-climate dressing

Arguably one of the sexiest arrivals to Harrolds this season is Mugler. Why was Mugler such an integral select in your buy? What do they represent to you?

The late Manfred Thierry Mugler himself was such a powerhouse and was one of the first designers to channel diversity on his runways. He was such a visionary and has stayed relevant to this day.

To me, Mugler is the epitome of ‘power dressing’. The brand is strong, sexy and futuristic, and Creative Director Casey Cadwallader is really taking the Iconic Maison to the next level. We are obsessed with every single piece from this collection.

Walk me through some of your personal favourite select pieces from our impending arrivals.

I have my eye on an oversized shearling trimmed leather aviator jacket from Khaite a knit set from the upcoming Wardrobe NYC Release 09 Collection, a corseted Mugler bodysuit and a pair of chunky platform ankle boots from the Pernille x Gia Borghini collection.

What newcomer brand are you most excited to see land at Harrolds? Why?

I’m very excited to welcome Rixo to the Harrolds family. Rixo is a go-to of mine for events and I always gravitate towards their fun prints and flattering shapes because they are just so perfectly wearable.

Can you break down some of the cornerstone themes that connect our new arrival women’s brands?

We’re seeing a very understated mood take over as a major theme, comprising of beautifully made essential wardrobe staples. Think the perfect pair of low-slung denim, a perfectly tailored oversized blazer, crisp shirting, and buttery leather outerwear.

In contrast, there is also a futuristic dystopian mood that key designers are referencing this season. Think patent leather, reflective fabrics, sheer corsetry, and dune-inspired drapery that is giving us so much to rave about. Dion Lee, Mugler and Khaite have done this best this season in my opinion.

What role does inclusivity play in the new brands batch?

It’s great to see the movement to de-gender fashion represented so well this season in new brand Feng Chen Wang. The Phoenix at the centre of her vision is a genderless symbol that switches between the masculine and feminine. We are also looking to range more size-inclusive brands and Rixo is a brand that really caters and flatters all shapes and sizes.

What is perhaps the most underrated or unknown brand discovered in this year’s AW buy-in? What can you tell us about them?

I would say Gia Borghini. This is not an unknown brand but definitely underrated here locally because of its youth, only established in 2016. Gia Borghini shoes are so beautifully-made, functional, comfortable, and yet incredibly fashion-forward at the same time. Her sell-out collaborations with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Pernille Teisbaek (who is now on board as creative consultant) continue to make this brand a staple.

On the accessories front, we’re welcoming a stylish new accessories label in Yu Mei. How did the NZ-hailing designer catch your eye, and what’s so special about their designs?

What I love the most about Yu Mei is its understated modern luxury. The buttery soft Deerskin leather used to construct each minimalist piece is a personal luxury that you experience yourself when using each piece which I love. The functionality of each design is also something very special about Yu Mei — this is not your average every-day carryall. Jessie Wong has truly created the perfect everyday essential that we all need.

Lastly, for our returning brands, can you pinpoint a few notable garments, collections or accessories entering the Harrolds wardrobe?

It would have to be Tom Ford’s tailoring – sharp, sexy and an absolute MUST this season. Amina Muaddi’s killer platform Yigit stilettos are another investment. They’re the ultimate femme fatale shoe. Wardrobe NYCs Release 09 Stretch collection is going to be an essential capsule for any wardrobe and Christopher Esber’s 90s inspired denim pieces are something different from the brand that we usually see play into more feminine silhouettes. And lastly, every outerwear piece from Khaite is on my wish-list.

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