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Bianca Saunders on making the modern man her muse

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Bianca Saunders on making the modern man her muse

Bianca Saunders has become an unmissable name in the realm of ultra-cool and semi-feminine menswear. But how has this one-woman show achieved cult-status in the competitive realm of men’s fashion? Touted as ‘the beating heart of British menswear’ by British GQ, the once-emerging designer has well and truly reached full flight since winning the Andam Fashion Award last year. Known for a mix of freeing silhouettes and laid-back, colourful tailoring, Bianca Saunders harnesses character and confidence through clothes.

Bianca Saunders harnesses character and confidence through clothes

After receiving acclaim from the likes of Kanye West and Phoebe Philo, and being worn by a diverse mix of male and female celebrities alike, Saunders swiftly caught Harrolds’ attention. Fast forward to 2022, and we’re incredibly proud to be stocking the versatile and inclusive label that is Bianca Saunders in-store and online at Harrolds Australia. Here, we get acquainted first-hand with the humble genius herself.

Can we ask how (and why) you decided to specialise in menswear as a woman?

I did menswear because I wanted to make clothes for a particular type of man, that was not necessarily  masculine but had a certain hint of femininity to them. I felt menswear was more challenging and more constricted.

Where would you say your earliest influences in fashion and dressing come from?

My mum and dad: they always loved well-made clothing and shoes, and I enjoyed wearing their clothes. Then, as I grew up, it came from being a music artist. I spent a lot of time watching music videos, because of my older sister.

And how about the way you appreciate hard work? Where did that originate?

I guess my mum. She never made anything look impossible and always told me if I could dream it, it is possible. Then I just loved what I was doing, so that motivation is unmatched.





Walk us through the inception of your latest collection. What are the themes, feelings or values it’s underpinned by?

AW22 was my first introduction to Paris. I wanted to make a lasting impression. I called it a stretch because it was focused on the technique and interest of my design. I love capturing motions of exaggerated movement.

Winning the Andam Fashion Award last year was a huge triumph. What was the process of being part of such a prestigious award like, and how has it impacted Bianca Saunders on the whole?

That award was lifechanging, it really help me reset my goals and look at my brand and what I want my impact to be. So many influential designers have been supported by the prize and it felt like I had to carry a lot of weight with that.

What have you learned during your mentorship with the CEO of Balenciaga? How did this come about?

It has been amazing to be in the presence of Cedric. He was extremely helpful to offer help with the build-up to my first show, and that was really hard for me due to the up and down policies of Covid.

You’ve been quoted to call your parties “crazy”, and describe them as a glimpse into your creative world. What are your best pieces of advice on hosting the best soirée, and how do you dress as a hostess?

I only throw parties with DJs who are my friends — the music and the good vibes really carry such a nice culture through to my brand, and also people free and having the best time!

Bianca Saunders isn’t reserved for men, albeit being a ‘menswear’ brand. What do you see and hope for in the future of gender-fluid fashion?

Women and anyone can wear the brand, and I am very inspired by who picks up and loves the clothing. But it is essentially a menswear brand.

Why is it important to you to encourage and empower men to dress more femininely, or a little bit more radically?

I wouldn’t say it is to encourage, but more about having the confidence to make the pieces your own and also to give the wearer a social freedom to be themselves.





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