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The makings of Hailey Bieber x Wardrobe.NYC, with Josh Goot and Christine Centenera

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The makings of Hailey Bieber x Wardrobe.NYC, with Josh Goot and Christine Centenera

What happens when one of the world’s most sought-after fashion labels joins forces with one of the most cult-status ‘It Girls’ of this era? Inevitably, something iconic.

Wardrobe.NYC and Hailey Bieber have tested that exact theory, producing an uber-cool, laid-back, effortlessly chic capsule collection that you’ve likely already got a piece of in your dressing repertoire.

Uber-cool, laid-back, effortlessly chic capsule collection.

Whether it’s a one-shoulder mini dress, an everlasting black blazer or some sophisticated trousers, this limited-edition clothing vault is an exercise in functional beauty. We guarantee these garments are ones made to last from desk to dinner, day to night, and season to season.

Here, Harrolds is honoured to recount the makings of Hailey Bieber x Wardrobe.NYC with iconoclastic Australian co-founders Josh Goot and Christine Centenera. Forever in awe of a unique ability to reimagine wardrobe essentials with a luxury outlook, we’re left hanging on their every word.

How and why did a collaboration with Hailey Bieber first come about? Who instigated the project and how did you get this idea off the ground?

CC: I’ve known Hailey for a few years now through friends and working together on her Vogue Australia Cover. Hailey has always supported the brand and we wanted to work together on a fashion related project, so the conversation to collaborate came about as a result of that.

What was it like working alongside Hailey? How did her artistic direction and input guide your design process?

CC: Hailey has amazing energy and a great work ethic. She was very clear from the outset about what she wanted, and she knows exactly how she likes things to look, feel and fit, which was great from a design point of view. Hailey’s style is the perfect balance between androgyny and femininity, which you can see throughout the collection. Our inspiration behind the collection was Hailey’s go-to, timeless essentials.

How do you envisage the collection to be worn and embraced? Who will be wearing it, and how will it empower them to feel when they get dressed? 

JG: We imagine different people will wear the collection in different ways — the capsule is designed to capture different modes of modern dress within it. There are casual elements, daytime elements, and really polished elements, particularly in tailoring. We always want the wearer to feel finished and elevated no matter what type of identity they put together from the release. As far as who is wearing it, we see an agelessness and an ease in the pieces.

Where and how is the collaboration capsule made? And what materials did your harness for its fabrication? Why are they important?

JG: The fabrics are important because they combine, they give the garments their shape, touch and feel. At Wardrobe.NYC, we have always invested in working with the finest textiles. In the track and jersey stories, and also the leggings, we worked with Italian cotton and blends in various weights and structures. The fully fashion knitwear is made in Italian yarn and knitted in Italy. In fact, all of the textiles across the release are Italian and all of the pieces are manufactured in Europe. In the development and manufacturing of these pieces, we have attained a new level of quality as a brand. We’re really proud of the clothes.

How would you best style core pieces from the collection for different occasions?

JG: The collection is versatile and can be worn for all occasions. For a day of running errands but looking polished, I would say the Track Set or Leggings with Long Sleeve Tee. For date night (but not the first date), the Blazer or Coat over the Mini Dress. And for a day in the office, the Trouser or Leggings with the Blazer.

Can you give us some insight as to what’s next for Wardrobe.NYC? What are your biggest priorities as a label from now until end of year?

JG: At the moment, we’re focused on the fundamentals — constantly elevating the garments and telling our story. We have a big year planned for 2023, with some great new releases that explore our signatures, and our vision of practical urban minimalism. We have a new release coming out in December, too.

Since 2017, you’ve made leaps and strides to rewrite the luxury dressing narrative. How are you keeping up with the pressures of social responsibility and sustainability as a label in 2022?

JG: We see our business model as inherently sustainable; we have designed a concept that is focused on wardrobe essentials, timeless dressing and clothes that never go out of style. We design very focused collections of around 8-10 pieces and our design ethos gives rise to the idea that these pieces will last forever. So that kind of outlook addresses sustainability from a business model point of view. We are the opposite to fast fashion and to the conventional fashion cycle which is all about trend and seasonality.

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